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 Failure doesn't mean FINISHED!    

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Have you ever just flagrantly messed up and failed the expectations that society seemed to shackle you with? Not the mess-ups of the sort where you fall UP from a trip DOWN with the grace of a ballerina. But the kinds of trips that embarrassingly re-frame the mother you are, the dedicated wife you committed to being, the integral daughter you were raised as, or the shrewd business professional you climbed the corporate ladder to become. 

I May Not Be A Lady But I'm All Woman will introduce you to a sorority of women -- prostitutes, suicidal, adulteresses, etc. -- who weren't necessary society's definition of "ladies" but, nevertheless, discovered God's grace in the natural MISTAKES they made converted them into supernatural MIRACLES.


9 Steps to Fall Up When You Trip Down is engineered to assist you to convert your mistakes into miracles!  From re-framing your perspective in life, to designing a specific vision for yourself, to partnering with the right kinds of people who produce "power" in you, this book will produce the desired affects for change that you may need.
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