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LLRA has a comprehensive understanding that it takes "team work to make the dream work!" An organization is only as successful, productive, or effective as the entire team that produces the product and executes the mission statement.

Our corporate advisers can do as much as present our renowned workshops/seminars to your organization's infrastructure for greater efficiency, or provide consultation for team-building.


If you have an employee or colleague struggling with an alcohol, drug abuse, or gambling issue an executive intervention is appropriate. Workplace addictions can seriously undermine performance, productivity and ultimately the business environment. An executive intervention will address issues such as:

  • absenteeism

  • loss of productivity, poor performance

  • deteriorating relationships with coworkers and clients

  • affects to the organization and bottom line

If the professional is a lawyer, doctor, dentist or other licensed professional these issues can affect the future of their career. What if they are a senior level executive responsible for multi- million dollar deals, investments or other people’s future? Again interventions approached with dignity and respect can have both a profound and positive effect on the situation and the individuals involved.

Once a crisis intervention has been successful, LLREG also offers safe passage to treatment with a Sober Escort and other transitional services