YOU are not aloneā€¦

Louis L. Reed Empowerment Group offers targeted re-entry services for individuals challenged with the difficulties of facing imprisonment, being imprisoned, and/or re-entering into society. Through our Reentry Adult & Youth Mentoring Program (RAYMP), we function from an IN-reach perspective -- meaning making contact with offenders during their incarcerated period -- rather than an OUT-reach point of view, so that offenders develop a solid plan to execute action on, during and post-incarceration, and our combined program logic, program deterrent, and train-the-trainer model has statistically proven results.

We believe that re-entry in society as a productive, employable, person begins at day 1 of incarceration, and we have the specific, targeted resources to help individuals both mobilize their inner resources and maximize their potential to being more than a negative stigma into society. At LLRG, we will empower you to convert MISTAKES into MIRACLES. Allow us to collaborate with you or your facility to redirect a so-called "wrong" into an absolute right!