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9 Steps to Fall Up

When You Trip Down ®

Everyone has made errors in judgment, said irreversible things, or simply committed mistakes that we may still be trying to recover from - this is what it means to "trip down." However, with a commitment to growth, it's possible to convert those mistakes into miracles and "fall up" to heights of more purposeful living than we ever imagined.

The popular in-demand seminar and workshop 9 Steps to Fall Up When You Trip Down ® can assist you in repositioning yourself from the missteps that have entangled your feet to stumble, through our 9 practical principles.


1st Step: How You Think is Everything.

The quality of a tragic past and/or a bright future are the thoughts you assign to it.


4th Step: Take ACTION!

Do things that are in direct correlation and correspondence to the vision that you have for yourself.


2nd Step: How You Speak is Another Thing

The conversations you exchange with others can either open windows of opportunity for greater networking, deeper relationships or firmer commitments, or slam lock things from happening.


5th Step: Don't make permanent decisions in temporary situations

Deliberate on the gravity of how an imprudent, in-the- moment, decision could a/effect the rest of your life.


3rd Step: Clear Your Vision

In order to fall up when you trip down, it's essential to develop a deliberate, architectural blueprint for what you want your life to become.


6th Step: Focus Your Time & Money

Learn how to appropriately invest the money you've earned and the time you have, rather than spend them.


7th Step: Live Your Truth

Become the most authentic representation of yourself, not the idea of who others want you to be.


8th Step: Partner with POWER!

(Re)evaluate the people in your life who either contribute to your growth and/or dis-empower your worth, and distance yourself from/get closer to them accordingly.


9th Step: Get with God

There's a distinct difference between religion and relationship. Cultivate a more meaningful connection and relationship with your spirituality.